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Every time has its genius

Samuel Hahnemann

Samuel Hahnemann
1755 - 1843
German Physician,
founded homoeopathy
around 1800.

Welcome to our homoeopathic pharmacy!

Many of our remedies are triturated by hand.

The pharmacist Wolfgang Courth, an expert in the field of self manufactured remedies, has also done „Aconitum napellus” one of many self manufactured plantremedies. (© Axel Mauruszat / Wikipedia)
Allium schoenoprasum/Chives (source: Wikipedia.de, Fornax)

Pharmacist Wolfgang Courth founded his pharmacy including an outstanding homoepathic laboratory in the year 1989 in Hamburgs district Harvestehude. It is in this lab where the manufacture of numerous of homoeopathic remedies takes place.

Ever since the first days of the pharmacy, its main focus has been on classical homoeopathy. All remedies listed on this website were produced according to Hahnemann's C 3 method and then succussed manually up to C 200. We are planning the succussion of all in-house manufactured remedies up to C 1.000.

This way Leonardo pharmacy keeps developing further and is becoming a significant point of reference for all pharmaceutical concerns.

Please get in touch with us should you have any questions or suggestions, our qualified staff will be more than happy to help or supply information.

Enjoy browsing our pages, sincerely,
Wolfgang Couth and his team at Leonardo pharmacy

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