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Every time has its genius

Samuel Hahnemann

Samuel Hahnemann
1755 - 1843
German Physician,
founded homoeopathy
around 1800.

The Remedies

Quality by excellent manual work.

gelbe Arnikabl├╝te
Arnica, one of the many plants Wolfgang Courth has triturated.

Apart from manufacturing a vast number of remedies ourselves we also have approx. 10 000 homoeopathic remedies in different D- and C-potencies as well as many Q-potencies and mother tinctures on stock. All listed remedies are available as C6, C12, C30 and C200 potencies. We will start manufacturing higher potencies by means of the Korsakov method later on during the year.

Apart from that we also supply the whole product range of the company Alcea (47 mother tinctures, 9 complex remedies).

Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, by e-mail or by visitng our pharmacy if you should have any further questions regarding our remedies.

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