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Every time has its genius

Samuel Hahnemann

Samuel Hahnemann
1755 - 1843
German Physician,
founded homoeopathy
around 1800.

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Milk remedies

Handmade homoeopathic remedies made from different types of mammals milk

The easiest way of making remedies from mammals is without a doubt to use their milk. The most common remedies of this group are certainly Lac humanum (mother´s milk) and Lac caninum (dog´s milk), as they have been proven and used for years already. However, you may also find many other remedies in our pharmacy made from mammal´s milk.


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Lac alpaca (Lama pacos) Lama pacos – Alpaca
Lac asinum Asse's milk
Lac caninum Dog's milk
Lac caprinum Valais blackneck goat
Lac caprinum (Capra aegagrus hircus) African pigmy goat
Lac equinum Horse's milk – Haflinger mare
Lac humanum Mother's milk
Lac humanum (Zwillinge f, m) Mother’s milk (twins f, m)
Lac maternum Mother's milk
Lac oryctolagi cuniculi European rabbit´s milk
Lac ovinum East friesian sheep
Lac suilinum Domestic pig
Lac tapir (Tapirus terrestris) South American tapir
Lac vaccinum Cow's milk
Lac vaccinum defloratum Skimmed cow‘s milk

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