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Every time has its genius

Samuel Hahnemann

Samuel Hahnemann
1755 - 1843
German Physician,
founded homoeopathy
around 1800.

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Sea Essences

Homöopathic remedies from the sea

Sepia, Calcarea carbonica and Ambra grisea are some of the well-know remedies made from sea creatures. Apart from these classic remedies we have produced a number of lesser known remedies from a variety of sea creatures.

Sea Essences

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Ambra grisea Ambergris
Aqua marina Sea water (Bay of Biscay, 180m depth)
Arenicola marina Blow lug
Asterias rubens Common red starfish
Balaenoptera acutorostrata Minke whale (muscle tissue)
Balaenoptera acutorostrata Minke whale (baleen hairs)
Calcium carbonicum Hahnemanni Oyster shell (inner white part)
Cerastoderma edule Common cockle
Clupea harengus Atlantic herring
Echinus esculentus Edible sea urchin
Garra rufa Kangal fish
Gnathonemus petersi Elephant nose
Hippocampus hippocampus
Medusa (Aurelia aurita) Jellyfish – Medusa
Orcinus orca Killer whale
Salmo trutta Brown trout
Sepia officinalis Common cuttlefish (dried ink)
Spongia tosta off.

Aqua marina

At the end of 2007 Wolfgang Couth prepared the homoeopathic remedy Aqua marina. The water for the remedy was taken during an expedition of FS Poseidon from 180m deep near the estuary mouth of the Bay of Biscay and was then delivered to Leonardo pharmacy.

Researchvessel on the Atlantic.
Expedition of FS Poseidon on the atlantic.

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